Institutional affiliation
Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ
Department of Conservation Biology
Leipzig, Germany
​Research interests
  • phylogeography; evolution, systematics and diversity of High Asian herpetofauna

  • population genetics

  • impacts of land use changes on biodiversity

  • epidemiology


2010-2013    Postgradual Study (Toxicology & Environmental Protection), University of Leipzig, Germany
2013-2017    M.Eng. in Geoinformation Sytems, Anhalt University of Applied Science, Dessau, Germany
2000-2004    PhD, MLU Halle-Wittenberg & UFZ, Germany
1993-1999    Dipl. Biol. (Zoology), MLU Halle-Wittenberg
2019    Sichuan, China
2018    Central Nepal
2017    Plovdiv, Bulgaria (sampling Lacerta viridis, UFZ)
2017    Central Nepal
2016    Red Sea, Marsa Alam, Egypt (diving)
2016    Red Sea, Sudan (dive safari)
2016    Northern Mongolia (together with Prof. Dr. R. Samjaa, National University Mongolia, and Dr. Ralf Hotzy, LBV)
2015    California, U.S.A.   
2015    Sichuan, China (together with Prof. Jiatang Li, Chinese Academy of Science)
2014    Sichuan, China
2013    Red Sea, Egypt (diving)
2012    Bergen, Norway (together with Prof. T. Solhøy, University of Bergen)
2012    West Nepal (together with Dr. J. Schmidt, University Rostock)
2011    Red Sea, Egypt (dive safari)
2011    Central Tibetan Plateau
2010    Southern Tibetan Plateau
2010    Dagestan (MLU Halle, Inst. of Zoology, Germany and Russian Academy of Sciences)
2009    Hawaii (conference of the The American Society of Human Genetics)
2009    Hengduan Shan, Sichuan, China
2008    India (Hyderabad: Human Genome Meeting; Western Ghats, Kerala)
2007    Thailand and Laos (fieldwork, together with Dr. P. Jäger, Senckenberg Museum)
2006    Tibetan Plateau (spring: fieldwork; summer: ecological field course for Master students of Tibet University)
2006    Red Sea, Egypt (dive safaris, March and May)
2005    Sichuan, China (field course butterfly monitoring, UFZ, Prof. A. Jentsch)
2005    Botswana (fieldwork, Anhalt University Applied Sciences, Germany)
2003    Red Sea, Egypt (dive safari)
2000    Jamaika (fieldwork, MLU Halle, Inst. of Geography, Germany)
1999    Syria (fieldwork, MLU Halle, Inst. of Zoology, Germany)

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